New Painting of an Adirondack Lake

June 7, 2010

Mist at Dawn, Adirondacks, art

Mist at Dawn, Adirondacks, canvas with pencil sketch

Last week I started a new painting, 12 x 17 inches, of a lake I know in the Adirondacks on a misty morning. Below is the canvas with some of the elements roughed in.

 Adirondack lake art

Mist at Dawn, Adirondacks, partly completed.

I will try to finish this one in the next couple of days.

Thursday I took my six year old son to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park in Boston. It was one of the best experiences we’ve ever had together – just a fantastic day, even though the Red Sox lost to Oakland.

There is something hyper-real about watching a baseball game in the flesh, so to speak. I don’t know whether it’s the lights or whether they make the uniforms out of special material or what, but long ago somebody figured out (either conciously or otherwise) how to make the visual experience at a live ball game so intensely rich that it defies reality. The color of the field, the earth spread on the base lines, the white of the bases themselves, they always seem brighter and more saturated than is possible in real life. It is as if one is watching a film with enhanced color, but of course you are watching reality, so it can’t be – the brain almost can’t believe what the eye is seeing.

Add to this the hollering of the guys selling hot dogs, Cracker Jacks, etc., the smells and flavors of “baseball food”, the booming of voices and organ music over the loudspeakers, the various ecstatic and unhappy roars from the crowd – they all combine to create an incredible, interactive theatrical experience that could be called the ultimate art form – it literally plays to every one of the senses, and by participating as a spectator you become part of the art. Absolute magic.

By comparison a lowly oil painting almost seems, well, a bit ho-hum-ish!



One Response to “New Painting of an Adirondack Lake”

  1. Mother Fox said

    I’ve always loved opera for similar reasons—it uses so many of the senses, though not as many as a live baseball game! I love the description and “analysis” of your experience—makes me look at sports arenas with new eyes.

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