Early Morning in the North Country

June 9, 2010

North Country Morning art

North Country Morning #1

I am making a start on what is likely the last of my paintings for the summer. A view looking over a lake toward the sunrise above the hills. When fishing in the Adirondacks we often see views like this in early morning.

Last night we met with family at Ballston Beach for a picnic. Francie took the photo below.

Ballston Beach evening

Ballston Beach looking toward P'town

I grew up on this beach, but every time I go there I am struck anew by it’s beauty. There is something about the sound of waves breaking that I find peaceful and settling, and I am always reassured by the smell of  the water and the sight of the horizon. I have painted this beach many, many times but I still am unable to fully understand what is so fascinating about the meeting place of the three main visual elements – sky, land and water.

Check out the dude fishing in the middle ground – he got a couple of nice striped bass (what we call “shorts” – too small to keep) while we were eating dinner.

I am looking forward to spending time here with my children over the summer.



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