North Country Morning Finished

June 17, 2010

North Country Morning art

North Country Morning, finished

Well, this painting is completed, and I am now “officially” finished painting until September. Surprisingly, I am finding this to be a difficult promise to keep. There are still two or three more paintings I’d like to make before the exhibit in August. I need to exercise my will power though and get everything else completed first – framing, cleaning my studio out, and focusing on the other vital half of my business – sales. The most important thing for me to do right now is get the paintings hung and have open studios so the public can see them. If there is still time before the exhibit I will make more paintings.

By the way, the fresh ham we had last Saturday turned out really nicely. That slow cook recipe is bullet proof. To go with the ham I made twice baked potatoes with grated onion in them (a recipe I just learned recently from a friend) and fresh cole slaw. Cole slaw! What could be better for a summer evening with roasted or barbecued meat? It is making my mouth water just thinking about it, and I only finished supper about an hour ago!



2 Responses to “North Country Morning Finished”

  1. Mother Fox said

    I am enjoying the culinary comments that keep creeping into your blog. Very appropriate! as art and food are so closely connected…

  2. Mother Fox said

    P.S. This painting (North Country Morning) is another beautiful painting!

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