Earl Fizzled, Truro Ag Fair a Success!

September 9, 2010

Pumpkin at Truro Ag Fair

Pumpkin at the Truro Ag Fair. Photo by P. Gilson

Hurricane Earl lost power and moved far enough offshore that all we got was some rain and a little wind. It was so minimal that the Truro Agricultural Fair eclipsed it completely for us.

The Truro Ag Fair is on youtube here and here, and on several blogs, including the Chezsven Blog, which has some wonderful photos of it.

I spent the big day selling raffle tickets as a fund raiser for the Fair, so unfortunately I did not get a chance to sample some of the reportedly fantastic food available there. I especially wish I had tried the deep fried lobster on a stick from Mac’s Seafood, but since my seven year old son was the one searching for and delivering my lunch, and he hates eating lobster, all I received was a hot dog (his idea of heaven, so I know he loves me!)

School has begun again, so it is back to the bus and homework routine for our children. Likewise, I will be getting back to making paintings. At the moment I need to frame a couple of prints and get started on the commissions I have lined up for the fall.




2 Responses to “Earl Fizzled, Truro Ag Fair a Success!”

  1. Alexandra said

    Enjoyed meeting you, Tom, and Francie. Thanks for creating, with the rest of Truro, such an amazing event that we Wellfleetians can also enjoy, and which helps us remember how important local sources of food remain …

  2. Caitlin said

    Hi, Tom,

    Pretty impressive pumpkin at that fair! Is it one you grew? I love the painting below of the north sky morning (I forget the exact title; short-term memory is the first to go, you know!).


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