Edward Hopper's House art

Edward Hopper's House, finished.

This is not a very good photo, but the painting is finished and I am quite happy with the results. I could get a better photo if I took the painting outdoors, but since the paint is wet that is too risky.

Right now I am going into the house to cook dinner for my kids.


Edward Hopper's House art

Edward Hopper's House #4

I am getting closer to finishing this painting. I’d like to finish it tomorrow, but there is still a lot to do and I have learned not to count my chickens before they hatch. We’ll see.

By the way – a little shameless commerce:

Several people have emailed asking if the paintings I am documenting on this blog are for sale. The answer is yes, you bet they are! If you are interested in one of them, send me an email. In another couple of weeks I will have them photographed, at which point I will display them on the “available work” page of my website, thomasadwatson.com.



Edward Hopper's House art

Edward Hopper's House, foreground begun.

This painting continues to develop nicely. The foliage is more dificult than it would be if I were standing in front of the actual hill, but I think in time I can get it to look how I want it to. However, I am quitting early today to spend the last of the holiday weekend with my family.

Last night we had a great time visiting with friends – three brothers along with various family members, children, friends, their respective dogs etc. Marvelous chaos. I really enjoyed witnessing the relations between the brothers – smatterings of good natured harassment, jokes, and shared experience of lives spent growing up together. Their history showed, and it struck a chord for me. This morning I had a call from my own brother and was able to experience the same kind of thing first hand. Wonderful.

I sometimes try to explain the importance of sibling relations to my children, especially when they are having some kind of conflict with each other (I know, probably the worst timing). I’m sure they get tired of hearing me yatter on about making sure to get along because after Mom and Dad are gone your siblings will be your whole family etc etc… but hopefully some of it will sink in. I have learned, graciously I hope, that as a parent one can only do one’s best.


Edward Hopper's House art

Edward Hopper's House, sky finished and facade roughed in.

This painting is coming along well. Sometimes the paint just seems to roll off the brush and the act of painting seems almost effortless. This has been happening today, and since it happens so rarely I am getting a real charge from it.

In fact I hate to quit working right now, since there is no guarantee this sensation will continue tomorrow, but we have a cookout planned tonight with friends.

So, I hope to preserve for tomorrow whatever good juju is at work today.


Edward Hopper's House 1

Edward Hopper's House, 36 x 50 inches.

Yesterday and today I transferred the drawings for the last three paintings I have to do onto canvases. One of these will be a view of Edward Hopper’s house here in Truro. It is from a sketch I made October 10th, 1995, at 5:30 p.m.

Edward Hopper's House pencil sketch

Edward Hopper's house, original pencil sketch

The notes on the page reveal that this sketch shows “early morning light of my imagining”. Further notes show that I went back to paint it the next morning, that my imagined light was correct for about sunrise, and that it would be impossible to paint from reality because one would have to set up in the dark and the light changed so fast there would be no time to work. As a result I never made a painting from it.

I will have to work from memory and imagination as far as color goes, but I did a couple of other paintings of this house in the early ’90s and I can refer to those as well.

The other two paintings will be of the Adirondack mountains, where Francie and I visit with our children a few times each year. These two are sketched out on 12 x 17 inch canvases.

I will be falling just short of my goal as far as the final number of paintings I will have for the exhibit, but I am short of time now, and am literally running out of space for more artwork in my studio anyway. The walls are covered, there are paintings stacked everywhere, and smaller works cover every horizontal surface.

As it is I will be hard pressed to hang everything I want to this summer.


Mother Hen Finished

May 27, 2010

mother hen art

Mother Hen Sitting on Eggs

This painting is completed and I like it quite a bit, though it is small.

We don’t have any broody hens at the moment (hens that want to sit on a clutch of eggs), but my children hope we do soon – baby chicks are pretty cute. I have mixed feelings. We could use some more hens – predators have taken their toll recently, but I don’t want to spend a lot of effort and time just to have the poor things picked off by the bogeyman.

Francie and I decided a long time ago that if our chickens had to be cooped up all the time for safety we would not keep any – their life is not very fun in a pen all day. We’ll see.

Tomorrow I start another landscape…


Hen Sitting on Eggs 2

May 27, 2010

Hen Sitting on Eggs art

Hen Sitting on Eggs, progress

This painting is progressing fast, mainly due to its small size (4×6 inches), but also because I started work at six this morning.

I hope to complete it later today.


Cape Cod Light Art

Cape Cod Light, finished

This painting is finally completed, and I have begun a small portrait of one of our hens sitting on a clutch of eggs.

hen on nest art

Hen Sitting on Eggs


Cape Cod Light Art

Cape Cod Light, latest progress

Here is how it looks at this point.

The remaining list:

Final layers of light and shadow on the tower column, final details and color adjustment in the foliage, a bit more uniting throughout the image (edges, color, tone etc.), then darks on the tower top. Last I’ll make final adjustments to the overall picture and add wires to the telephone/power poles.

I hope to finish tomorrow.


Cape Cod Light Art

Cape Cod Light, sky reworked

I have worked back over parts of the sky. I had originally wanted darken it in order to accentuate the light on the tower and make a “dramatic” image, but the sky seems to have resolved itself into a more peaceful state than I had originally intended. Ok, so be it.

Now on to the transition between the sky and earth, then the windows and chimneys. Soon I will get to the phase of this painting when the list of what is left to do is fairly short and falls into a logical sequence.

Our VT. bee colony swarmed over the weekend. I caught the swarm for a friend and hived it successfully, but next morning they swarmed again and left the new hive. They landed in a tree, and after 45 minutes or so they flew for parts unknown. Oh well. Like the sky in my painting, the bees had their own ideas. The painter/beekeeper is not always in control.

After all, I don’t teach the bees. They teach me.